CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are either analog or IP based. They are available in different mechanical mounting configurations like Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), Fixed or Dome Mounted. They are further graded by their spectral responses to cover visible spectrum and also Infra-red spectrum for night vision thermal imagery.

b) DVR (Analog) / NVR (IP)

These devices are used to record the continuous data stream from CCTV cameras. While the DVR is used to record from analog sources (CCTVs) and needs to be connected to each camera output, the NVR is used for recording from IP sources and can be directly plugged into the network and assigned an IP address for easier accessibility.

c) Intelligent Video Analytics

This is a highly specialized software component that forms the heart of a modern video surveillance network. The incoming images/ video data from cameras are processed in real time to detect any unusual objects, unusual movements or anomalies in camera images. This software is also capable of matching objects detected on camera with records in suspicious object database to identify weapons etc. A few applications of analytics can be – Camera Tampering Detection, Unattended Baggage Detection, Vehicle Detection, Over Crowd Detection and Intrusion Detection.

d) Control, Command & Monitoring Station

This forms an effective human interface to a predominantly automated video surveillance environment. Within this category, we provide:

  • Monitors – Video Walls, Large Screen Displays etc.
  • IT/ S4N Components – Servers, Storage Devices, Switches etc.
  • Communication – Wireless, Copper Cable, Optical Fiber etc.
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